What Makes You Angry?

Have you ever noticed yourself getting angry at little situations? You have even wondered why you get so mad, but you have no idea how to fix it. Anger doesn’t happen overnight. There is always a root to the problem. What is the problem you are facing that makes you so angry? When you pinpoint the problem, you are closer to the root, which makes you closer to the solution. There are situations where people are angry with males/females because their dad/mom left them as a child. The root is their parents leaving. When you find the root you can begin to talk about it, and God will walk you towards the step of forgiveness. It is crazy to think that forgiving the person that hurt you will help you more than that person. There are many reasons a person can be angry, but when you are ready to surrender that anger, healing comes next. Do not let anger rule your life. Figure out the problem, and fix it.


Thought: What makes me angry? How will I fix it?