When You Are Hurting

What is the first thing you run to when you are hurting? People run to alcohol, drugs, isolation, lust, self pity, rebellion, and so many other things that cannot sustain you. How often do people run to the feet of Jesus? How long will it take until a person gives up because their way to peace is not working? The enemy has convinced all of us that there is a happiness in all the things that make us sad, and that there is a high in the things that ruin our lives. I ran to all of the things I listed above to find happiness. What people don’t understand is that happiness is an emotion and it will always disappear. Joy is what lasts. When I gave Jesus a chance, He gave me an option. When I was hurting, it was not easy giving up the little things that temporarily took my pain away. But because Jesus was my help and my first step to healing was listening, I had to let go of all the things I was running to. I had to give it to God. Don’t let a situation determine if your future will be bright or not. Your future is bright, and when you take steps to make sure of it, that is when your hurting stops and your healing starts.


Thought: Ask yourself, “What is the first thing I run to when I am hurting?”
Janese Watson, Co-Founder of EMPOWEARMENT